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´╗┐Rugby in Sussex

Rugby in Sussex has a long tradition. The first rugby club was founded in 1868, while the Sussex Rugby Union which is responsible for rugby in the County was founded in 1883. 41 member clubs participate in Sussex leagues (6 in total), while several are also competing in the National League 2 South, London 1 South, London 2 South, London 2 South East and London 3 South East.

Some of the finest Sussex rugby clubs include:

Brighton Football Club (RFU). Founded in 1868, the Brighton Football Club (RFU) is one of Britain’s oldest rugby clubs. In the season 2011-2012, the 1st XV’s competed in London 2 South East.

Burgess Hill Rugby Football Club. The club that represents Burgess Hill was formed in 1961 and played the first match in the 1961-62 season. Ever since, the Burgess Hill RFC has been playing in the Sussex leagues. The greatest success was achieved in the 2010-11 season when the club finished 2nd in the Sussex Division 1 but unfortunately, lost the play-off for promotion.

East Grinstead Rugby Football Club. Founded in 1929, the club has established an important place in both East Grinstead community and sport scene. In 2011-12 season, the club’s G-Force competed in the London 2 South East and gained promotion to London 1 South after the end of the season. In the 2013-14 season, the G-Force will play in the National League.

Hove Rugby Football Club. History of the club dates back to 1933 when it also became affiliate to the Rugby Football Union. Today, the Hove RFC plays in London 1 South Division. Each year, the club organises the Val Hayes Memorial Hangover Trophy which is competed between the Hove RFC and an invitational team.

Worthing Rugby Football Club. Founded in 1920, the club plays in the National League 1. Home matches are played at the Roundstone Lane which has been recognised as the Centre of Excellence for rugby in the County.

Lewes Rugby Football Club. The club was founded in 1930 and like most other rugby clubs in Sussex, it has several teams competing at different levels. The 1st XV’s are playing in the London 3 South East.

Crowborough Rugby Football Club. Founded in 1936, the Crowborough RFC became a member of the Sussex Rugby Union in 1940. Since the establishment of the League Rugby in 1987, the club has been playing in Sussex 1 until 2006 except for one season when they were relegated. Since 2006, the Crowborough RFC plays in London 4 Division.